The Green Beauty Guide

If, like me, you are at all concerned about what you're putting in and on your body for health's sake read this book.

Julie Gabriel clearly explains some of the chemicals in your beauty products, such as shampoo, moisturisers, toners and dyes. She does not push any one particular green product line nor does she come down hard on any one company of "non-green" products. Her research is backed up with studies and references to those studies so you can check them out for yourself.

The language used is simple to understand (not scientifically blinding) and the content is not too heavy for bedtime reading. There are some recipes, but it is not a recipe book. It is an expose of the beauty industry and how easily we can be drawn into their sales pitch to the detriment of our health and beauty. She also points out that some "green" companies could do better, and also what ingredients you could add to your green poducts to make them better for your skin. I like the few product reviews she has which give the good, the bad and the how can I make this better about each one.

For me this is one of the best books I picked up at a local cash and carry type store, I highly recommend it. It doesn't try to make you feel guilty about the products you use now, which I find most other "green" books have a habit of doing, it's straightforward and well laid out so you can go back and check on good and bad ingredients before you buy.

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