One Snowy Night

This little story is perfect for a snowy day (or even a hot day if you want to feel a little cooler). Percy the Park-Keeper is everyone's best friend and all the animals in his park love him. He treats the animals with respect and they become his best friends.

One winter night it gets so cold he receives a knock at his door, looks and sees a very cold, unhappy squirrel. And that's just the start.

All kids can relate to a warm cuddle from someone that makes them feel safe, and what kid doesn't like small furry animals, stuffed or real? The illustrations are bright watercolours and depict a rosey cheeked always smiling park-keeper. The animals are never wholly domesticated and keep a certain amount of realism (but only just) that children like and can relate to.

I love reading these to young kids, they're great for snuggling up in bed or with a hot drink and a cookie.
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