The Man in the Brown Suit

After Anne Beddingfield's father dies she is left a pitiful legacy to live off. Taken to London by some friends of the family to find work, she is plunged straight into the middle of a mystery when a man dies on a subway line. Who was the strange man in the brown suit who pretended to be a doctor but obviously wasn't? What did the writing on the piece of paper that fell out of his pocket mean?
Anne sets out to discover the answers to these question, and is promptly tossed into the adventure she has always dreamed of. Traveling from London to South Africa she seems to make enemies at every turn as she pretends to know nothing.
I really didn't expect this book to be as funny or as well written as it is. The main character, Anne, is very realistic; she has flaws and petty ideas as well as brains and a good education. This book is odd in the fact that it differs from other Christie books in the way that it is written, a much spunkier style than usual. The "evil baddie" was a complete suprise and even he had his good moments! The most enjoyable part was that it was all completely believable! You actually can think of the happenings and characters as existing because they are all realistic.
I would reccomend this to people over the age of 14 who want a fast paced and comical adventure.

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