Homicide in Hardcover

Brooklyn Wainwright is a "book doctor", that is she specialises in fixing old "sick" books. When she takes on a badly damaged copy of Faust after the previous "doctor" dies in a pool of blood, she is aware that the book is supposedly cursed but dismisses it as just another old wives tale made up for publicity. The curse seems to be coming true, however, when people connected with the book begin to die one by one. Brooklyn is determined to find the actual killer, after all, books cannot murder people in cold blood. When she is accused of murdering her mentor, things start happening at amazing speed. If only she could stop passing out every time she sees blood perhaps she could investigate the scene before the police remove everything as evidence!
This book I really enjoyed reading. The author has a wonderful sense of humor and every sad or upsetting part was promptly followed by comic relief. There is romance in the story but it isn't at all heavy or disturbing, which was very much appreciated! I was also pleased to discover that I didn't know who-dun-it until the correct moment, when you suddenly realise that the murderer could only be that person!
A very good read, full of suspense, but probably not suitable for anyone under 14 years of age. Let's hope Kate Carlisle writes another in the series soon!

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