Hairy Maclary Scattercat

This whole series has got to be the best I've ever read to a small child. The series is about a small scruffy looking dog and his crazy antics with his friends and the neighbourhood cats and people.

Scattercat sees Hairy Maclary on the prowl for some fun, in dog language: let's go scare a cat. However, things don't always turn out the way you expect!

If you have dogs you'll notice immediately how close these stories are to real dog behaviour and thought patterns. All the stories are written in rhyme, with a rhythm that builds slowly to a race at the end. The names of the characters involved are funny and highly descriptive. I've always found the kids can remember them with ease (my teenagers can still remember all the characters and a lot of the stories by heart). The drawings/paintings are a beautiful description of the scenes in their own right, a child can immediately see what's about to happen, so they're involved in the reading process even if they can't read yet.

A fun easy read for bedtime or cuddle time and great for getting kids to love reading.

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