Sparkling Cyanide

When Iris Marle's sister Rosemary swallowed a cyanide capsule one night in a room full of people, the coroner decided it was suicide. No more thought was given to the matter until All Saint's Day, when her sister's husband dies in the same way at a party being held in honor of Iris. An investigation into the death turns up many important clues, and also many different memories which want to be forgotten. In true Agatha Christie style the plot twists and turns; you may work out who the killer is before the end but it is the journey on which you are taken that counts.

This is probably my favourite Agatha Christie book aside from "They Came To Baghdad". I really enjoy how the story is told from many different points of view, and the plot line doesn't jump around like in other books I've read based on that idea. The ending is also good in that sense; most of the book focuses on one person and in the end that person finishes the tale. A thoroughly good read and highly enjoyable.

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