Artistic Fitness

I found this book whilst helping my son look for Manga drawing books. Both of us are avid artists, but just lately I've found myself with an artistic block on pencil drawing. This little book has helped get me over that hurdle by taking away the need to look for inspiration in the things around me.

A bit like a physical fitness workout routine the exercises are laid out for you with just enough guidelines that it leaves you with a free will to make mistakes that you can correct by going back over the exercise and not having the pressure that the squirrel moved at the crucial point. I can take this book anywhere with just a couple of pencils and a small art pad. I've taken it to the hospital waiting for an appointment, to my kids soccer games, waiting rooms, even to bed and completed a drawing just before going to sleep. OK, it's my way of relaxing.

It has all sorts of subjects for different personalities fruit to cars to mythology. I've actually drawn things I would never have touched and surprised myself at how much I liked drawing fantasy creatures. And that block, well it's not gone yet , but it is fading slowly.

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